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Christmas Globe with ribbon
     Our 'Jellyfish' consist of a Tillandsia plant mounted on a naturally-pigmented sea urchin shell. The colour of sea urchin shells varies, depending upon the species & diet. Tillandsia plants, being epiphytes, are quite happy growing in an inverted position.
     Tillandsia Globes are miniature glass terrariums containing Air Plants (Tillandsia), mosses, lichen and decorative accents of sea shells. The globes are 3 3/4" ( 9.5 cm) in diameter with a 2 3/8" access port in the side and a 1/2" vent port in the top.
     Tillandsia Globes can also be ordered with a festive seasonal ornament enclosed, such as a red ribbon for Christmas, a glass heart for Valentine's Day and a glass pumpkin for Thanksgiving.
     Click here to view other Tillandsia Globe styles (a one page pdf file will open).
     Please visit the Exotic Plants or Terrarium Design page and click Air Plants in the sidebar in order to view our current selection of Tillandsia species (with photos). We also have a guide to growing Tillandsia plants here: Air Plants (html format) or  Air Plants (printable PDF format). Various types of mounting media such as Cholla Wood, Grapewood & Sea Shells are listed under 'Supplies' on our Terrarium Plants page.  

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