Hawaiian Botanicals @ The 2005 Vancouver Garden Show

Our display awarded 'Best in Show'


'Little Bog of Horrors'

     The busy little bee flitted from flower to flower, buzzing happily as she worked in the warm spring sunshine. A sudden breeze, laden with the sweet aroma of nectar, puffed across the meadow and caught the little bee's attention. She followed the tantalizing fragrance into the boggy heart of the meadow, where she discovered the source - a thick patch of strange, tubular plants, gleaming ruddily in the afternoon sun. Here, the air was filled with the buzzing of other busy insects going about their business.
     The little bee alighted upon the nearest leaf and although momentarily confused by the cylindrical shape, she quickly turned her attention to the rich drops of nectar adhering to the leaf's surface. She eagerly lapped up the delicious fluid and climbed up the side of the leaf, following the sweet, sticky trail. Her path led her to a strange opening at the top of the leaf, and there she teetered, attempting to peer downwards into the gloomy cavern. The heady scent of nectar wafted up from the depths, but a sense of foreboding caused the little bee to hesitate. The lure of the nectar droplets gleaming just inside the tube was too much for her, however, and she scrambled over the rim and climbed headforemost into the interior of the leaf.
     The intoxicating sweetness led the little bee deeper and deeper into the vertical chasm, until she felt the walls uncomfortably close. Sensing danger, she attempted to reverse her direction but the tiny hairs lining the walls were pointing downwards, and prevented her from backing out. The little bee had no choice but to proceed as before and her situation was now very grim. Her downward journey had taken her to an area of the tube where the surface was waxy smooth and she suddenly lost her footing. In a flash, the poor little bee had fallen and landed with a splash in the murky liquid at the bottom of the trap. She buzzed her little wings frantically, but the sound was lost amidst the symphony of other desperate buzzes emanating from all around her.
     For this was no ordinary bog. This bog ate meat.