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Nepenthes: The Tropical Pitcher Plant

The majority of Nepenthes species are indigenous to southeast Asia, although their range extends from northeastern Australia to northern India. The island of Borneo is particularly rich in endemic species.
     In their native habitat, Nepenthes are found at a variety of altitudes, from sea level up to an altitude of 3000 meters (10,000 ft) depending upon the species. In the tropics, the climate can change dramatically as the elevation increases. Plants adapt to these climatic zones, and become  somewhat intolerant of environmental conditions differing from the climate of their indigenous region. When cultivating Nepenthes, it's necessary to mimic the native environment of each species as closely as possible, in order to maintain the health and appearance of the plant. Nepenthes species are classified as Lowland and Highland; these categories indicate the approximate elevation where the species normally occurs.    

 Lowland species prefer a warm, steamy environment with a daytime temperature of 30 - 35 Celsius and a nighttime temperature of approximately 28 Celsius. Highland species prefer a daytime temperature of 20 - 25 Celsius with a nighttime drop down to 5 - 15 Celsius.

Current Nepenthes available


Nepenthes alata
Type: Highland
Description: Elongated hourglass pitchers exhibiting pinkish colouration shading to green.   
Comments: An easy fast-growing species.
Price: $35.00 per plant; very full 5" hanging basket.

Nepenthes sanguinea
Type: Highland
Description: A vigorous species capable of producing large pitchers of orangish colouration.    
Comments: This easy, fast-growing species can produce large pitchers at a young age. Good for beginners. 
Price: $15.00 per plant; 3" pot.

Nepenthes ventricosa
Type: Highland
Description: Fast-growing species with pinkish speckled pitchers.    
Comments: One of the easiest Nepenthes species; another good beginner plant. 
Price: $15.00 per plant; 3" pot.